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News November 1, 2022

Different Types of Human Hair

Human hair is extremely popular in the hair industry right now, and that’s because human hair wigs are the preferred wig type. While synthetic wigs and synthetic blend wigs are still in demand, human hair takes the top spot due to its superior quality. It’s also popular because it can be styled in virtually every way. In most cases, people can heat-style, straighten, and curl their human hair wigs, but that’s rarely possible with their hair types.

Where the hair originates from – Most human hair used for wigs comes from Asia. And the most popular hair comes from Vietnamese, as the hair is soft, supple, and strong.
How the hair is collected – There are several ways human hair is collected for wig making. Some manufacturers collect it from temples or other places where people willingly donate it. Others buy the hair from people looking to sell their hair. The worst quality wigs are made from hair that’s been collected from combs, shower drains, and barbershop floors.
The manufacturing process – The human hair wig manufacturing process may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. The majority of wig hair goes through some degree of chemical processing to make the hair look and feel smooth and shiny. The hair may also undergo color processing to make it all one color or give it an ombre or balayage look. The more processing the hair goes through, the weaker the hair strands become and the lower the quality will be.

Virgin hair and remy hair

Human hair is classified in two main ways, and these include Virgin hair, Remy’s hair. All are also classified as 100% human hair. In the following sections, we will break down the differentiating qualities of each of these human hair classifications. Soon, you’ll be able to easily tell the difference between all of these human hair types.


First, the most important factor that makes Virgin Hair and Remy Hair different is the cuticle.



 Virgin Hair has a healthier cuticle than Remy Hair. The cuticle is very important for the hair, it is often evaluated using hair classification. You can see that Virgin Hair has a strong cuticle, so Virgin’s hair is very strong and strong.  Remy’s Hair has a weaker cuticle, so Remy’s hair will be softer and weaker than Virgin Hair. All of these will affect the hair color when bleaching.

Virgin hair is completely unprocessed, while Remy hair may have gone through chemical processing to achieve its look, texture, and feel.

2, The difference between Virgin Hair and Remy hair bleaching:

Due to the different Cuticle, it results in different Virgin Hair and Remy Hair bleached hair color

Virgin Hair can bleach to the lightest tone colors #613 and #60. 

But Remy Hair cannot bleach to #60, because Remy’s hair is weaker than Virgin Hair. If you bleach Remy Hair to #60 #613, the hair will burn.  Remy’s Hair can be bleached to #27



3, Cost and more about hair :

  • About Cost: Virgin hair is a single donor so Virgin hair will be very rare, the source of hair is not much. Therefore, the price of Virgin hair will be more expensive than Remy Hair. If  you just need to use natural hair color and basic dye, we recommend you to buy Remy hair, it will save your money.
  • Lenght: Virgin hair will not have much long hair, usually the longest hair of virgin hair is 24“.  But Remy hair the longest length is up to 36″.


The truth is, 97% of all human hair out there has been chemically treated in one form or another. Forget about what’s virgin and what’s not, and concentrate on attaining quality hair for yourself or for your clients. The one fundamental key you want to know is if and how it’s being processed and untreated.

Is Remy Hair or Virgin Hair Better? I think it depends on you. Virgin human hair will be more expensive than Remy Hair.You can choose according to your budget to buy Virgin hair or Remy hair. In general, the most suitable hair extension for you is the most important.

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